Operation must use an updatable query.

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Thread: Operation must use an updatable query.

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    Default Operation must use an updatable query.

    My ASP code worked under WinNT with an Access database, but now that my client has moved to Win2000, running "rs.open sql, conn" while sending an INSERT or UPDATE SQL statement to Access 2000 gives the "Operation must use an updateable query" ASP script error. We've quadruple-checked permissions on all necessary files and folders. We've cut and pasted the SQL statement directly into Access (which was successful) which indicates that there are no errors in the SQL statement. All simple SELECT statements work. We've updated Win2000 with the SP2, upgraded Jet to the Jet 4.0 SP3, and upgraded to MDAC 2.6. Using Front Page 2000 to develop the pages, IIS 5 on the server, and testing using IE5.5. I specified the connection to use mode 3. And I just can't come up with anything else. Could there be a solution to this?

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    Default You cannot do that.

    Well I don&#039;t know how you got away with it previously, but as far as I know, the Rs.Open method can only work with SQL Statement that return a recordset, ie Select only. Update, Inssert and Delete statements are action queries, and they perform an action which modifies the data in a database. They do not return a recordset.<BR><BR>To run an action query you need to use the Connection object:<BR><BR> objConn.execute SQL_Action_Query_String<BR><BR>

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