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    I&#039;ve got a library of images that I&#039;d like people to look at -- but instead of showing the high quality image, tables of thumbnails would be shown. Easy, right? What if I don&#039;t already have the thumbnails created?<BR><BR>It&#039;d be something like (simplified, I know):<BR><BR> For Each GraphicFile in TargetDirectory<BR> If Not FileExists(GraphicFile & "_t.gif") Then<BR> CreateThumbnail(GraphicFile, GraphicFile & "_t.gif")<BR> End If<BR> Write("&#060;IMG SRC=" & GraphicFile & "_t.gif&#062;")<BR> Next<BR><BR>I need the CreateThumbnail part.... and code or DLLs out there that do this? If so, please mail

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    get your answers here. There are several apps and components that will do this. Try and

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    You can use ShotGraph component to create thumbnails: Web site contains ready ASP examples with source code.<BR><BR><BR>

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