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    Default PWS on Win2000??

    Hi all,<BR>I have completed developing a web application, which I want to load it onto the laptop.<BR>1.I have tried installing PWS on a 95 machine, and placing the application in inetpub/wwwroot folder and made it to work. But the problem is the application runs too slow that it takes nearly 20 minutes to load a page. Is there any way that I can make it to work faster ?<BR><BR>2. And I have to load it on another laptop with Windows 2000. And I was said that IIS comes along with Win 2000. Could you please let me know where to place the web application so that I can make the stand alone system run my application ?? And how ??<BR><BR>Any ideas on making the application run faster are greatly appreciated. Thank you for spending your valuable time.<BR><BR>Thank you<BR>

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    Default Did you install IIS on Win2k?

    ...You must go to the control panel and add the windows component. It is not installed by default.<BR><BR>The directory is determined by the IIS settings that "you" setup.

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