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    Hi<BR><BR>I have written a script I want to sell. It is a webpage administration script.<BR><BR>It has the following futures:<BR>-Add, delete, edit pages.<BR>-Add pages in different levels*<BR>-Link between pages<BR>-Let users add coments to all pages<BR>-Mailinglist<BR>-Search<BR><BR>*The users can add pages in different levels, like this:<BR><BR>webroot<BR>-Page1<BR>--Under page1<BR>--Under page1 2<BR>-Page2<BR>--Under page2<BR>---Under under page2<BR><BR>How much can I take for this script?<BR><BR>It will get the following futures in addition to the one listed above soon:<BR><BR>-wap version of all pages<BR>-wap admin<BR>-chat<BR>-poll<BR><BR>How much could I take for the script with these new functions?<BR><BR>--<BR>Best regards,<BR>Sebastian P. Eide<BR>

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    nice try Guest

    Default Post the code and we'll check it out!!!


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    Default LOL <eop>

    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

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    Default RE: Post the code and we'll check it out!!!

    hehe..... funny huh? :)<BR><BR>Go to an you will be logged in to a beta version...<BR><BR>Do not change the password, which you are asked to do.<BR><BR>The password is set to "temp" on default.<BR><BR>If you want to access the admin directory and you are not the first user, please use the address:<BR><BR>Best Regards,<BR>Sebastian<BR><BR>

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