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    Jaya Venkat Guest

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    Hi !<BR> I am a learner of ASP,working in a small company in developing web pages.Since ,our hosting company&#039;s server was hacked by somebody, my boss is afraid of uploading his database to the host&#039;s server.Instead what he feels is,have our database in our server(Win NT with IIS),and write a script to access it from our server.That is we should have all HTML pages and ASP pages in the host server and at the time of database access it has to take the data from our server.Is it possible?How? Can we write ASP code for securing a directory?I welcome if you have any suggestions regarding this.My sole purpose is ,to secure my database.<BR><BR>You can reply to my email-id ""<BR>Thank you very much.<BR>

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    tickle me pink Guest

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    Unless your network is securley setup, I recommend sticking with your host. Money says a hacker could probably get into your systme before they get into your hosts. Unless you guys already have the security measures in place.<BR><BR>Then you will have to have the ASP and the DB reside on the same machine.

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