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    I am a beginner in using ASP and databases integration on web sites. I installed IIS on the server and I would like to know:<BR>- Where should I place my databases?<BR>- how should I create a Virtual Directory?<BR>- how should I specified in my ASP programs the location of my databases?<BR>I hope to get a feedback that will help me to create dynamics web sites.<BR><BR>Thanx

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    Where should you place your db? I would put it in a folder with a unique name to discourage downloading.<BR><BR>How do you access the db? The FAQ&#039;s here and the articles will help you get started. It&#039;s not difficult but if you are starting from scratch some reading is in order. Post back if you have any specific questions or issues in trying to get it to work. I tend to favor dsn-less connections rather than a dsn but reading about them will help you decide. Also, is a good resource.<BR><BR>HTH

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