Where obtain kill.exe and tlist.exe? Or alternati

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Thread: Where obtain kill.exe and tlist.exe? Or alternati

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    Default Where obtain kill.exe and tlist.exe? Or alternati

    I am in desperate need of tourbleshooting my IIS. It seems that on occassion, my ASP pages will just go into never-never land on a particular virtual directory. I can&#039t seem to determine why, but I did run across a post about using kill.exe in the FAQ&#039s section, to stop the running ASP process. Is there anyway I can get ahold of this utility outside of the resource kit? Or does anyone know where I can obtain the resource kit? I checked Microsoft&#039s site, but they only list the NT4.0 Resource Kit Supplemental version 6.<BR>I need help on this fast! I have my district manager coming down 2morrow, and this problem just suddenly crept up on me. I was going to show her a few Intranet implementations I was working on and try to get her approval for continuing the work. this is like a make or break circumstance as to whether I keep this job or not. And now I am running into this problem. How would that look to you if you were my manager? Anyway, I desperrately need help, please!!!

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    I&#039m sure it&#039s to late for your particular situation, but I&#039m wondering did you ever get it figured out? I don&#039t know if this would help you but I&#039m trying to write a script right now, using the Net utility that would check running pages and stop services for anything that is not responding...

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