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    Dave LaPierre Guest

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    Does anyone know of a good tutorial or book on Microsoft's Personal Web Server? I am running Windows 95.

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    did you say win95?! i didn&#039;t even think they where still around ;-) just kidding Dave.<BR>just mess around w/ it and try to figure stuff out. there&#039;s not really any good books on telling you how to run a ms server, unless you want to shell out the buck$ for a ms published book which will only express their ideas at the time of print. i think combing throught the many articles and faq&#039;s at this site (4guys) and other sites are really the best bet.<BR><BR>good luck

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    Dave LaPierre Guest

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    Thank you very kindly Justin!!!! I know, everyone laughs when I tell them I&#039;m using Windows 95. I never saw any reason till now to upgrade, all the new programs require a minimun of 98. Now I&#039;m <BR>thinking Windows 2000. Thanks once again!!!! Dave

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