I have a piece of code to print a Crystal Report without first viewing it in the Crystal Viewer. This code uses the CRViewer object and the code is written in VBScript.<BR>Having the code by itself allows me to do the printing. The problem arises only when I have a function called ValidateData in the script block. <BR>The ValidateData function (VBScript) is used like this : <BR>&#060;FORM method="POST" action="x.asp" name=frmX onSubmit="return ValidateData()"&#062;<BR><BR>When I have this the ValidateData function works fine. But whn I call the Printing code (thru a Button click) I get the eror:<BR>Line 0: Object dosen&#039;t support the property or method. <BR>When I try to debug it tells me that the Source code is not available.<BR><BR>Thanks