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    Tim Whitehorn Guest

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    I am looking for a component that will provide hosting for message boards. I've looked at VSForum and like its features, but it is priced per forum, which will get very expensive. Does anyone have any experience with others? I need to be able to customize the UI.

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    Karolina Guest

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    The Compsys IntrDesk system is a simple but effective Help Desk, Change Management, and Workflow application. IntrDesk uses new browser and database technologies to provide a flexible, and yet elegant solution for recording and reporting questions, bugs and enhancements for most development and support functions. <BR><BR>Compsys IntrDesk can be used for the following functions: <BR><BR>*Help Desk and Support <BR>*Issue Management <BR>*Work Flow control <BR>*Frequently Asked Questions <BR>*Link to external documents <BR>*provides an easy solution to your Internet/Intranet support problems <BR>*serves as an intuitive web based front end to the flow of a work request including the designation of assignments and tasks. <BR>*Full Work Request tracking and management.<BR><BR> <BR>Please visit <BR><BR><BR>for more information.<BR>Hope this helps!

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