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    Bob Sinclaire Guest

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    I have made litle asp scripts that moves a folder to another drive on the Server.<BR><BR>IT works perfectly when i use Copy but move says "permission denied"<BR><BR>Is there away to connect to the server or set "admin" rights on my statmenst???<BR><BR>TIA Bob

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    If there was a way to get "admin" rights (I assume you mean read/write/modify) through an ASP script, don&#039;t you think that most servers would be seeming piles of steam?<BR><BR>I mean, hackers could upload an ASP page, and then do what they wanted :)<BR><BR>Most folders have by default system with read/write/modify abilities....<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Bob Sinclaire Guest

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    Your absoulutly right!<BR><BR>but it doesnt solve my problem *lol*<BR><BR>Thnx anyway

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    Miek Guest

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    Needs to be part of install instructions... Make that folder &#039;CHANGE&#039; rights for Guest...

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