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    D.H. Guest

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    I am trying to create an ASP COM object (.dll) through Visual Basic, but I cannot get the ASP page to hit the Visual Basic debugger when the objects methods are called. The most I can do is only recompile the .dll fully in the system32 folder,recreating the physical .dll, to see if it works. Otherwise, when i just run VB i get call to Server.CreateObject failed. Access is Denied.

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    Default Yep, no way I've found....

    Yeah, I&#039;ve found this.<BR><BR>There&#039;s not much you can do. It&#039;s a b*gger to keep rebuilding the DLL, but it&#039;s the only way.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    L Guest

    Default Can be done, don't know how

    Its works at my job, but I do not know how its set up

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