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    FAHOTY Guest

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    I&#039;ve been using MS-Access now for some time and recently got asked to move some of the program that I&#039;m writing to the web - which I did!<BR><BR>Then my boss looks at my code and laughs because I did all of my form validation in VBScript (&#039;coz I pretty much copied it straight out of my Access forms).<BR><BR>He says that I should have done it in JavaScript - which I&#039;ve only seen via View&#124Source - because only people with IE browsers can run VBScript on the client.<BR><BR>Are there any good articles that explain why you should use client side JavaScript on the web. I mean: "really", does it matter if only 6% or 7% of the people can&#039;t run VBScript?<BR><BR>Thankyou in advance,<BR>FAHOTY <BR><BR>

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    Of COURSE it matters if 6 or 7 percent of people can&#039;t run it!<BR><BR>6 percent of 10,000 is 600 people!<BR><BR>It&#039;s just lazy if you cannot be bothered to accomodate all browsers and versions.<BR><BR>Plus, as a client-side tool JavaScript is a lot more powerful. Personally I always use VB/VBScript on a server and JavaScript on the client. JavaScript is just so much more flexible.<BR><BR>As for JavaScript tutorials, I would start at One website rings a bell - They have information on virtually all types of Internet-based scripting, from DHTML to Perl to JavaScript to ASP... The list goes on.<BR><BR>Don&#039;t be lazy, start as you mean to go on. If you are starting to write web-based applications, don&#039;t be so short-minded as to think you can ignore 6 percent of the internet population just to save yourself a few hours work!<BR><BR>Crair.

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    SteveW Guest

    Default Swallow your pride...

    Take a gulp, swallow your pride and get stuck into the best JavaScript Tutorial there is... It taught me, and that&#039;s saying something!<BR><BR>

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    Huachipato Guest

    Default Would it matter if...

    your boss gave you a pay CUT of 6-7% ?<BR><BR>Why not explain to your boss that you need a proper training course to learn JavaScript, and that you will then be happy to do the work.<BR><BR>This has the added benefit of making you at least 6-7% more employable :)

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    FAHOTY Guest

    Default How did you know that

    How did you know that I am lazy? I hardly even know you :)<BR><BR>Thanks for your answer. Are there any other reasons aside from those 600 people non IE clients? Are there speed or performance issues to consider?<BR><BR>Sorry to ask so many questions, it&#039;s just that I think that MS will probably cease to support JavaScript in their products one day soon and then lot&#039;s of people will write client-side VBScript. What do you think (don&#039;t flame me too bad).<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>FAHOTY

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    Default flame, flame flame...

    Tut, tut, tut - you really don&#039;t want to learn JavaScript, do you?! :)<BR><BR>I think Microsoft kind of realise that they have lost the client-side battle. I think they&#039;ve just about swallowed their pride and started to accept JavaScript.<BR><BR>Speed issues... I doubt it to be honest. I would guess that they&#039;re about the same speed. Obviously they are both uncompiled object oriented languages, so they won&#039;t be too fast, but then again it&#039;s only a web browser and it&#039;ll be done by the client machine, so it&#039;s not like your server will have to cope with it! :)<BR><BR>As all the others say man, swallow your pride. JavaScript&#039;s not a hard language to learn, but it&#039;s very effective in this scenario.<BR><BR>"JavaScript: The Definitive Guide" (O&#039;Reilly) is a very good book. Taught me everything from DHTML to form validation (and lots more too boring to mention).<BR><BR>If you can&#039;t afford the book, check some of those websites. Nothing to lose :)<BR><BR>Craig.

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    FAHOTY Guest

    Default HEY!!

    &#062; your boss gave you a pay CUT of 6-7% ?<BR><BR>You SHUTUP allright! I&#039;m already underpaid as it is :)<BR><BR>Thanks for the perspective, now that you put it that way I guess 6 or 7% is quite a bit, isn&#039;t it.<BR><BR>Thankyou,<BR>FAHOTY

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    FAHOTY Guest

    Default RE: flame, flame flame...

    Thanks Craig,<BR><BR>With Pride<BR> .Swallow<BR>End With<BR><BR>Thankyou<BR>FAHOTY

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