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    I am writing VBScript in an ASP that generates an E-mail, however the "£" sign in my code becomes a "#" sign on the E-mail, how do I fix this??<BR>(If it&#039;s a setting I need to change in Outlook, then I apologise for my ignorance in advance.)

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    The &pound; sign often causes problems, becuase it&#039;s not actually part of the core ASCII character set - it&#039;s one of the locale-specific characters.<BR><BR>How you get around this depends on how you are generating the email - if it&#039;s a plain text email and you&#039;re using CDONTS, you need to set the codepage for the email using the Newmail.SetLocaleIDs() method - try setting it to 2057, which I believe is UK English.<BR><BR>Dunc

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