Hi All,<BR>i want to create the user in the NT doamin. i am using the ADSI technique but i am getting the error is there any other technique for his i mention the code and error please help me as soon as posible.<BR><BR>This is the code<BR>----------------<BR>&#060;%<BR>Dim oUserGroup<BR>Dim oUser<BR>Dim oMember<BR><BR>Set oUserGroup = GetObject("WinNT://NT-MAIN/Users") &#039; This is line 17 and NT-MAIN is the name of NT machine<BR><BR>Set oMembers = oUserGroup.Members()<BR><BR>For Each oUser in oMembers<BR> Response.Write(oUser.Name)&"<BR>"<BR>Next<BR>%&#06 2;<BR><BR>----------------<BR><BR>This is error which i am getting<BR>--------------------------------<BR>error &#039;800401e4&#039; <BR>Invalid syntax <BR><BR>/adsi/domain.asp, line 17 <BR>--------------------------------<BR><BR><BR>Affan