Hi,<BR> Can&#039;t find any explanations for this anywhere and i&#039;ve been trying to back track the error for a day now. Here it is.<BR> I have a mailing list utility set up using CDONTS and when I tested it everything work fine. It went to the DB got all the required subcribers and add the specific attachments and emailed them. All fine. When I went live with this utility for a client they came back to me and said the email was fine but that the attachments that were sent had 0 Bytes. So they forwarded what they received and sure enough the attachments were there however they had no size at all. I checked the source files on the server and they were fine. So I run another test with some test emails and guess what.. It worked perfect. Now the problem I am faced with is, will it happen again? So my questions to everyone are Has this happend to anyone else? and How can this happen?<BR> I thought it may have been a firewall interfering with the attachments at the clients side but some subcribers just have a simple internet connection. There are about 190 subscribers and so far nobody got a vaild attachment.