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    I have lowered it down to this. <BR>there are two recordsets on the page. rsLogin, rsGame.<BR><BR>rsLogin works then rsGame does not.<BR>After I refresh it rslogin will not work.<BR>wait a period of time(about five minutes) and rslogin will work on refresh but rsGAme will not. <BR><BR>I isolated rsGame and it will work when it is the only recordset on the page. but rsGame will fail upon refresh also. Wait a period of time and it will work again.<BR><BR>I checked all SQL statments and they are correct.<BR><BR>What is causing this? Is something holding memory?<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default REPOST


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    Default actually its an update.

    question was rephrased and results updated.

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    Default RS not closed? Conn not closed?

    In theory, objects are automatically closed and set to nothing when an ASP page finishes, but...<BR><BR>Are you carefully doing RS.Close and Conn.Close for all your recordsets and connections? And then, to play it safe, doing Set RS=Nothing and Set Conn=Nothing, too?<BR><BR>The only time I had this problem was when I would get an error in a query. Then the connection wouldn&#039;t re-open until it "timed out". But that was with a prior version of PWS and I *thought* those bugs were gone by now.<BR><BR>

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