I am trying to create a search page from the example files included with iis. I am using the query.htm, query.idq and query.htx files from the iissamples. I have modified the files to meet my needs. However, every time I try to run a search a get the following error message:<BR><BR>"The template file can not be found in the location specified by &#039;CiTemplate=&#039; in file C:Inetpubsearchquery.idq. "<BR>All the query files are in the same search directory. I have the CiTempalte set to: CiTemplate=%TemplateName%. in the query.idq file and TemplateName="query.htx" in query.htm. To further complicate things I need to exclude all *.inc and *.dat files. Any help is appreciated. I search this site and others but I have not found anything very useful.&#039;<BR>I can search and return results using the sample query.asp page. And I would like to use this page. However, I have not had success filtering out *.INC and *.DAT files. I can filter for those files on the client side but I would like to filter for the listed files on the server side. Any suggestion? I would prefer to go with the asp page. <BR><BR>Thanks for your help.<BR><BR>