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    I am currently developing an application using asp with an access db on a linux server.<BR><BR>Ok I have never tried to run asp on a linux server. They have told me to convert my access database to mySQL. Before I do so, I was wondering if there will be any other obstacles I may come across since it will be on a Linux/Chilisoft box. Are there any other issues that will have to be resolved such as tweaking the code to be compatible? Or will the code run just fine?<BR><BR>I don&#039;t want to get stuck with extra hours changing/converting code so that it will work. Client has agreed to switch to a windows machine if it would be easier. Should I change servers or do you think it will run just fine with no additional problems?<BR><BR>Any help appreciated,<BR><BR>CidVis

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    ...since I work for ChiliSoft (oh, okay...for Sun Microsystems, in the ChiliSoft product group).<BR><BR>And because I&#039;m doing just that, just now.<BR><BR>Tell you the truth, the biggest problem I had was configuring MySQL! Getting the permissions set right, etc. Once I could actually use the "mysql" command line interface to view tables, create tables, etc., it came right up and worked in ASP and ADO.<BR><BR>*Are* there differences? Some. C!S still uses version 3.x of VBScript, so a few features of VBS 5 are not there. A few pretty minor differences in ADO. My own experience has been that the biggest differences are in the SQL language, as implemented by MySQL, since I tend to work with Date/Time fields and there are definite differences in that area. But we are talking maybe two lines of code, max, per ASP page, to change the SQL as needed. <BR><BR>Importing Access data to MySQL is pretty easy. You dump it out into a delimited file format and then use one of the MySQL tools to read it into a MySQL table. You lose relationship info, but MySQL doesn&#039;t enforce relationships as rigorously as Access does, anyway. That may or may not be a big loss to you.<BR><BR>Summary: It&#039;s not automatic, but converting from one to the other isn&#039;t rocket science. The ChiliSoft "admin console" allows you to create a DSN in a way similar to using the ODBC32 control panel item with Windows, and I heartily recommend this as the first way to make your connections, since you get to test the connection right away. (And look, also, at the "validation" page where there is a type-in-the-SQL-command interface to any DB, so you can test things dynamically.) One caveat: If you *do* have a permissions problem when you first create a DSN, you will have to wait for the connection to time out before a change in permissions will be "seen". So the easier thing to do is (again, using the admin console) is to simply force a restart of the ASP server. Takes seconds. Much faster than waiting for the timeout.<BR><BR>Whew. Does that get you started?<BR><BR>Finally, email with questions and/or check out the Linux forum that is on the web site.<BR><BR>

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