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    is there a way to retrieve multiple recordsets with one request to the recordset object with access?<BR>as with SQL server:<BR><BR>sSQL = sSQL & ";SELECT * FROM tableName WHERE column = &#039;someStr&#039;"<BR><BR>so this would return two unique recordsets appended together to act as one. i tried this with access and of course it didn&#039;t work. is there a work around to get this technique to work?

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    Default wrong forum..

    You can use batch recordset:<BR>SQL="SELECT * FROM tableName WHERE column = &#039;"&someStr&"&#039;;"<BR>SQL = SQL & "SELECT * FROM tableName2 WHERE column =&#039;"&someStr&"&#039;"<BR><BR>&#039;do smth with 1st recordset<BR> ...<BR> SQL,conn...<BR>&#039;when you done do not close connection and rs<BR>set rs = rs.nexrecordset<BR>&#039;do smth with 2st recordset<BR><BR><BR>

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