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    hello,<BR>can anybody help resolving this problem???<BR>i&#039;m getting this error when i&#039;m calling the server.createobject from ASP page. The DLL is compiled in VB & properly registered under MTS.<BR><BR>Checked the Microsoft documentation for this error but everything looks alright.<BR><BR>what all can be the problem for this kind of error??<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>NAN.<BR>

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    Your object is not being created properly or can not be found...Are you sure it is registered properly on the server?<BR><BR>Who created the DLL?<BR><BR>If you are using InterDev, you should be able to see it in your code, if the object is there simply by the properties the object lists. If it lists no properties then the object is not theere. My guess would be DLL is not registered right...

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    The problem is that the component is running fine at my end. But when it is installed at the Client&#039;s place, it is giving this error.<BR>& they &#039;re claiming all the Security parameters are fine. & all supporting dll&#039;s &#039;re also present.<BR>

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