Joining binary gif images together ?

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Thread: Joining binary gif images together ?

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    Is it possible to join gif images together?<BR>This is for a hit counter script im doing, which as user places a img tag (&#060;IMG SRC=""&#062;) which then looks up the user in the database, gets the counter record (IE: 21) then converts that to images which then joins them to together to form one image, and sends it to the user.<BR>I know this is possible via .dll&#039;s and components, but as the server isn&#039;t mine, we can&#039;t upload components etc.<BR>If there are other ways, please reply,<BR>thanks,<BR>Dom

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    I don&#039;t think you&#039;ll need to attach images. I would just display an image representing each number.<BR>like if the number was 1003, then you&#039;d just display a 1, then a 0, then a 0, then a 3.<BR><BR>Make a loop that goes through your number and writes an image for each:<BR><BR>For i = Len(CStr(YOURNUMBER)) To 1 STEP -1<BR> Response.Write("&#060;IMG SCR=""number" & i & ".gif""&#062;")<BR>Next<BR><BR>You may need more formatting, but that should do it.<BR><BR>

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