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    Troy Guest

    Default force print on the next page

    I am coding a billing statement page and I want the statement headers to be printed on every page. Is there a function I could use to force the printing on the next page?

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    <eop> Guest

    Default Yeah... include.


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    Huh? <eop>Troy Guest

    Default RE: Yeah... include.


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    Miek Guest

    Default RE: Yeah... include.

    I think what they were trying to say was have an include file contain all of your header and footer information...<BR><BR>What do you mean by print exactly? Are you printing the page?

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    troy Guest

    Default Clarification

    I have a page that displays say 60 transactions, but I only want to print 25 per page (as only 25 would fit on an 8.5 X 11 bond paper) with a statement header at the top of each page. What this function should do is to force the printer to start printing on the next paper after 25 transactions.

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