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    don pablo Guest

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    i have a column in the table called contractor which has both first name and last name.<BR>i would like to sort by the last name.is ther a way to do this other than having 2 columns<BR>like firstname and lastname<BR><BR>and ORDER BY LASTNAME;<BR><BR>thanks a bunch

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    If you can guarantee that all contractors have a first name and a surname, and that the surname comes afetr the first space in the full name field, then you *might* be able to do this.<BR><BR>BUT it would be better to either<BR>-&#062; split the data into 2 fields<BR>OR<BR>-&#062; Put the surname in before the first name like this (Bloggs,Joe)<BR>

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    don pablo Guest

    Default thanks but ....

    our companys situation is such that i can&#039;t go to the DBA and ask him to make it 2 fields right away.it looks bad on the paper that this issue was on my table for 3 days.so,i was just wondering if there is a way i could do it on the front end.<BR><BR>thanks

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