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    hi ive written an intranet which has been moved to our windows 2000 server - on the development machine it is fine - however after moving over to the 2000 machine there is a problem ..<BR>to cut a long story short - we have found that when there is an include file ( which is in the SAME directory as the other scripts ) users get prompted for a windows2000 user name and password. <BR>Take these include files out and users are able to pass through fine ... it suggests that you must set permissions for files to grab other files - even if they are in the same directory - but i cant seem to work out how to allow files to call other files ( which is basically what an include file is.... <BR>ahhhhhhhhh ! <BR>any ideas ??<BR>thanks<BR>;)

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    Default what's in the include files?

    obviously something that is challenging access to that dir.<BR>post the relevant include file code.<BR>

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