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    hardik Guest

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    When a session ends?

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    Lurker Guest

    Default It goes to heaven <eop>


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    Default no no no.....

    it&#039;s hell.<BR>der duh.<BR><BR>seeing as I have no idea what this initial post is referring to,<BR>I won&#039;t even try to answer.<BR><BR>trying being a little more vague, eh?

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    Old Deuteronimy Guest

    Default Hell hath no fury ...

    like a session that has ended !

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    JFF Guest

    Default first predetery..

    by default it is in 20 min.<BR>if you put session.timeout=1 in 1 min...

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    The OnEnd event for a Session Object &#039;fires&#039; when an ASP User Session ends. This can happen...<BR>1) After the session timeout period has passed since the last user ASP page request<BR>2) By using the Objects Abandon method.<BR><BR>HTH

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