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    Robin Moffatt Guest

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    Hi everyone,<BR>Hope someone can help me with this. I&#039;ve checked the FAQs and done a web search but turned up nothing.<BR><BR>I have several databases on my web site which I would like be automatically backed up daily. I&#039;m thinking along the lines of getting my index.asp to check if it is 24 hours since the last backup, and if it is, call the backup routine.<BR><BR>From what I&#039;ve read, I could use the FileSystemObject and simply copy the MDB files into a backup directory. Sounds too easy to me! I&#039;ve read a thread on a VB forum regarding backing up Access databases and it was mentioned more than once that there would be the possibility of corruption of the database if someone was using it while it was being copied.<BR><BR>SO: Can I use the copy method described above to perform the backup?<BR>If not, can anyone suggest another way?<BR>Also, if I were to go for the simply copy method, would it work if I made it conditional upon whether anyone was using the database, and if so, how would I determine this? I wouldn&#039;t necessarily check for specifically someone accessing the database, but anyone in general using the website at that particular moment.<BR><BR>TIA for any help,<BR><BR>Robin

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    There is a cahnce that the backed up database could be corrupted if a user was writing to the live Db at the point when you do the copy.<BR><BR>The only way around this that I can think of would be to test for the existance of the .Ldb file for that database. If it is not there, the database is not in use.<BR><BR>However, you do run the risk of someone accessing the database WHILE the copy is going through, so you may need to disable access for the duration of the copy.

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