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    At the risk of seen as a amateur, I have a question regarding the performance/efficiency of ASP code generated by UltraDev.<BR><BR>I have a form, which has several drop down list boxes populated by recordsets. Looking at the code generated, each recordset defines its own ActiveConnection, which in my case, are all the same.<BR><BR>Would it be more efficient to define one connection object and send let each recordset utilise this common connection? What is the difference between using a connection object and the ActiveConnection.<BR><BR>Cheers, Alfred Low.

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    there&#039;s no real difference between a normal connection object and the .activeConnection property<BR><BR>yes, Ultradev&#039;s code seems pretty inneficient to me, even DWs client-side code is a bloat-fest (though it *is* consistent across platforms, to give them credit) <BR><BR>I usually try to stick to one open connection, but I&#039;m allowed to break my own rules occassionally. I tend also to pass connection objects around between functions to save re-opening them. <BR><BR>it&#039;s one of those situations where you can make a definite gain, a slight gain, or no gain at all (you could even lose performance), dependent on the exact situation - use your own judgement...<BR><BR>j

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