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    syl Guest

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    Does anyone have code to log in an NT user? <BR><BR>I&#039;ve got .mpg files that should be shown to logged-in users only. They need to log in through an ASP page. But the problem is that someone could link directly to the mpg file and bypass the ASP security altogether. So I thought I&#039;d put NT security on the mpg directory, then when someone logs in through the ASP page I would also log them into NT so they could access the mpgs. Unless someone has a better idea? (using a binary read component didn&#039;t work right)

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    Ghose Guest

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    There is something in ASP 3 called hasAccess, which is supposed to be a NT-veerification command. I have never tried it my self, but look in to it...<BR><BR>You could also use session variables. When you login set a session variable ie.<BR><BR>session("LoggedIn") = "yes"<BR><BR>then on your other side just put these strings on top of every page which is protected.<BR><BR>if session("loggedIn") = "" then<BR> response.redirect "anywhere.html"<BR>else<BR> your code<BR>end if

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