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    i am creating a leave application system using MS FrontPage 2000 and Access 2000. <BR>my problem is: in the application form, a staff will choose his name from a list of names of drop down menus. Then when he clicks on submit button, an email will automatically send to his mailbox. He doesn&#039;t need to key in the email himself but I have to include all the staffs&#039; email while creating this system. I have create a table (name) with staffs&#039; names and emails in Access 2000, and create relation/link with another table(result) which keeps track of the data which when a staff apply leave. but I don&#039;t know how to write the ASP to tell the system to send out an email. please advice. thanks so much.<BR>

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    tutorials on (in the ASP section)<BR><BR>using CDONTS (comes with IIS) and JMail (which is free)<BR><BR>in both JScript and VBScript<BR><BR>j

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