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    i&#039;m having trouble using AddAttachment.<BR><BR>I basically code:<BR><BR>my_attachment=request("file")<BR><BR> mailer.AddAttachment=my_attachment<BR><BR>and it gives me a "this page cannot be displayed" error.<BR><BR>any suggestions, please? thanks in advance.

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    addAttachment is a method not a property<BR><BR>.addAttatchment(my_attachment);<BR ><BR>check the docs... RTFM<BR><BR>j<BR>

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    In other words:<BR>addAttachment cannot be used to attach a file from the clientside.<BR>right?<BR>for example: I have a form on my site and I want to allow visitors to send their resume along with a message. <BR><BR>mymail=CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR>a tt=request.form("file")<BR>mymail=addattachment(at t)<BR>&#062;&#062;&#062;500 (internal server error)<BR><BR>Is there a way to let visitors send an attachment using a form on my site?<BR>

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