Can anyone give me a rough estimate?

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Thread: Can anyone give me a rough estimate?

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    Default Can anyone give me a rough estimate?

    I am looking for an application that is similiar to This message system combines a list server with forum groups. It gives the ability for users to create their own email list group/message board. When a new post is added to the message board the entire group is notified. I can provide the listserv software, but I either need to find an application already made that does this, or have it programmed. Can someone either tell me where to find an existing aplication, or give me an estimate of how much this system would cost? I am using an NT platform if that matters.

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    ...does something similar to this. I know they also can custom build solutions.

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    Default How much would it cost for a look alik

    I am wanting to combine a forum and an email list together in the same way that did. Can anyone tell me how much this would cost to have made? <BR><BR>The system should look just like a forum, but when someone posts messages an email would go out to all members of their forum group. Viewers will be able to create their own forum board/email list. The created forums can be open to the public or closed off to private groups. This system should work almost exactly like

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    Default RE: How much would it cost for a look

    Hi there<BR><BR>There is not going to be a "pre made" application like egroups ready to go open source code for free. The closest thing is Lyris - - if you are serious and willing to spend the money. <BR><BR>If you want something built that large you better be prepared to spend thousands in software development and then management (servers, support, updates, etc...). <BR>Why recreate the wheel? Look in to buying the Lyris package.<BR><BR>Other than that I don&#039;t know how you are going to build a system around a list serve software unless you are speaking in terms of simple scripts that subscribe/unsubscribe users. Which I do not believe you are. <BR><BR>If Lyris or something similar that I mentioned is not the answer then far more information is needed. The options are endless and what "you" want to do will not be exactly what "egroups" is doing.<BR><BR><BR>Rob<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Can anyone give me a rough estimate?

    It sounds like you are looking for a mailing list software that has a web interface to add lists (publically) that also has a web archive functionality (posts are forum like in appareance on the web). I don&#039;t know a "NT" solution that does this, however, I have used MailMan (*nix) w/ a little custom coding (puting the add a list in a protected site admin &#039;control&#039; panel) it works similar to what I think you are looking for.

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    Default RE: Is there a site I could look at?

    That sounds close to what I am looking for. I am going to host it on a Linux server, so it actually sounds great. Can you give me any more information on the custom coding, and what you would charge? <BR><BR>Do you know of a website using this that I can take a look at?<BR><BR>My email is if you need any more info.

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