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    I have a calendar application that is running with 2 frames - the calendar display in the left frame and the details of an event in the right frame. When user clicks an event showing up on a date square within the calendar frame display, the details of that event are written in the right hand frame. (The left frame is named calendar and the right frame is named events.) Everything works great except one thing: when the month being viewed is changed. I have two buttons on the screen for moving forward and backward in the display of months. What I cannot figure out to make work is the clearing out of the event details in the right hand frame. The buttons for scrolling the months use the OnClick=&#039;document.location="file.asp?ND=&#060 ;date&#062;"&#039; to change the month that is displayed. But for the life of me I cannot figure out what I need to do to get over to the other frame and clear it. The ASP file that runs that page will clear the detail when an eventid of 0 is passed to it. Just that I cannot come with the correct code to get from the one frame to the other to clear it and still maintain the code that changes the viewed month with the button is clicked.<BR><BR>I appreciate any and all help I get as I am totally stumped!!<BR><BR>PS:<BR><BR>I know that we are not supposed to respost a question once that is has been asked, but seeing that today is a holiday (for some) and the latest of the hour (5:30 EST) if I do not get a reply today, then I will repost this again tomorrow. Sorry about that but I do need an answer to this one badly, so please forgive me if I have to repost!

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    Default A couple of ways...

    ...but maybe the easiest is simply this:<BR><BR>OnClick=&#039;parent.otherFrame.docum ent.location.href="cleanOutPage.html"; document.location.href="file.asp?ND=&#060;date&#06 2;"&#039; <BR><BR>If you change the HREF in the *other* frame first, then it works in all browsers, I believe.<BR><BR>(And I think you need the .href to make it work with all browsers...not sure, though.)<BR><BR>

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