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    I am trying to build a search engine,my java program gets all the keywords from a url and then posts the words and the url to an asp page.The ASP page gets the data and puts it in a database.The database has a link and a keyword column. <BR>When a user looks for a keyword using a simple html form,the keyword and the links it belongs to are displayed.When the user clicks on the link,she is connected to the link.So when the user opens the link I want her to be able to see the keywords easily in the text.So highlighting would be a good idea. <BR>I know it is not possible to highlight the words if a file is in a different server,but what is the command for highlighting the words for the links on the files in my server. <BR>Thanks <BR>Cango

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    text = Replace( text, word, "&#060;B&#062;" & word & "&#060;/B&#062;" )<BR><BR>You *could* do this in text from another URL if you are willing to use ASPTear (articles on 4GuysFromRolla) to read the foreign URL. Slows things down a bunch, so only use if important.<BR><BR>

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