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    I've found a couple VBScript indicators such as vbCrLf for carriage returns. I'm wondering if there is a resource with a more or less exhaustive list. Specifically, I'm interested in knowing if it is possible to indicate formatting such as centering text with something similar that can be written with ASP. Thanks.

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    Default Do you mean

    If you response.write something how do you apply HTML type tags like centering and so on? If so just response.write the tag.<BR><BR>response.write "&#060;center&#062;This is centered&#060;/center&#062;"<BR><BR>If not post back with more info.

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    Loke Guest

    Default No, more info...

    I have someone uploading through a textarea input. The text is being captured in a variable, then the tabs, carriage returns and spaces converted to HTML format (e.g., with & n b s p ;). Then the variable is joined with other HTML code and outputed with scripting.textstream write method. I&#039;m using vbCrLf to identify carriage returns in the textarea input.

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