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    On the non-advanced forum, I asked if it was possible to convert a .doc to a .txt or .htm with FSO. I got the answer, no, but maybe with a .dll, it would be possible. So, here's a more difficult question: does anyone know of one that does just that--convert .doc to .txt without inserting a bunch of garbage characters?

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    Yes there is and it comes with Microsoft Office. The Word Object has a SaveAs method that will allow you to save a word doc as HTML.<BR><BR>Bad news, each document is opened using its own instance of the Word Object which makes it impractical to use on a web server. I had a co-worker attempt this and 3 simultaneous conversions hung a PIII 650 MHz/512 MB web server.<BR><BR>Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, but no. I knew about the SaveAs method. I need something that will convert after a user uploads an MSWord doc. If any other ideas, please let me know.

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