I host several SQL Server databases using a remote ISP and am interested in finding when the remote SQL Server was restarted. ( I dont have &#039;sa&#039; privileges on this remote database.) I wrote this query to check this information, but am not sure if this stored procedure is correct. Any feedback will be appreciated. (I have assumed adding @@CPU_BUSY to @@IDLE will give the time since the SQL Server was last re-started.)<BR><BR>My current ISP&#039;s SQL Server has typical values of <BR>3,500,000 connections and 7% @@CPU_BUSY to @@IDLE time. Is this normal?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Rohan<BR><BR>create proc UpTime as <BR>begin<BR>declare @Hrs int, @Min int, @Sec int<BR>select @Sec = @@IDLE / 32<BR>select @Min = @Sec / 60<BR>select @Hrs = @Min / 60 <BR>select @Min = @Min % 60<BR>select @Sec = @Sec % 60<BR>select @@Version<BR>select @@CPU_BUSY/32.0 CPU_BUSY,convert(varchar(10),@Hrs) + &#039; Hours &#039; + convert(varchar(10),@Min) + &#039; Minutes &#039; + convert(varchar(10),@Sec) + &#039; Seconds.&#039; CPU_IDLE,@@Connections Connections,(100.0*@@CPU_BUSY)/@@IDLE<BR>end