I am creating a job site where a user can select clicking checkboxes what he or she would be willing to do. The results are to be displayed in a paragraph form on a webpage template. I am using frontpage 2000 for creating forms, Drumbeat 2000 and Access 2000 for database and template stuff. My problem is that the checkboxes that are not checked leave blank spaces in the template. Since I am using templates this becomes a problem because not everyone selects the same thing. I want the results to be displayed in a paragraph form without empty spaces. I have separate values for each checkbox and seperate group names for each box ex.(willingtodo1, willingtodo2, etc). I know that if include the same group name for each checkbox I can have the results displayed in paragraph in a template without spaces, but I figured it would mess up searching capabilities. I am pretty new to forms and would like some advice.