Accessing mailbox thru browser using ASP(CDONTS)

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Thread: Accessing mailbox thru browser using ASP(CDONTS)

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    Default Accessing mailbox thru browser using ASP(CDONTS)

    We were attempting to use CDONTS object for sending mail from one email<BR>id to another. This we were able to do by using the CDONTS.newmail<BR>object and setting up the smart host option in the delivery tab of<BR>the SMTP default site property page on the I.I.S server to the I.P address of the SMTP server that we are using in our company.<BR> Then we tried to access the mailbox of any person thru the browser.<BR>But it always shows a count of zero messages in the mailbox for that<BR>email id. The problem is that the SMTP server is different from the <BR>server where we have the I.I.S installed. So whenever we access the <BR>mailbox it searches in the drop sub-directory of the mailroot directory<BR>of the I.I.S server. How can we access the mailbox of a particular<BR>mailid thru the browser using ASP. Is it that we have to access the <BR>mailbox of the SMTP server and if so how? Please advise.(immediately)<BR><BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR><BR> Sameer.

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    I don&#039t know much about this precise subject, but are you using LogonSMTP or Logon method? The latter will be desired if you are using Exchange Server.

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