Hi, i dont get chance to surf the web that often so i know its the wrong thing to do but could you please post and questions or answers to my email address sorry. its davo@pugtek.net<BR><BR>right, i have a website that requires a username and password to gain entry. It uses an access database etc. When the user logs in it creates sessions.<BR><BR>being new to the whole programming thing i am nbot overly sure about how to go about what im trying to do:<BR><BR>I want to be able to view the current users online at that point, it would be quite interesting for me and other users to know who there other 15 users on the site are at that point.<BR><BR>Now, i know it requires some sort of code that would re-activate the session (also handy so peeps dont keep getting kicked off) maybe something like a countdown script. im not sure.<BR><BR>Now the sessions my logincheck creates are username, forumname, firstname, lastname, email and i want to be able to view the forum name in the list of current users.<BR><BR>I think it can be done, hence why i am asking you guys and gals how i would need to do it.<BR><BR>Thanks for reading, and i look forward to your e-mails<BR><BR><BR><BR>David Wyatt