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    Mikk Guest

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    I'm trying to use the FSO to copy the contents of a Microsoft Word document into a txt file for conversion to htm. It doesn't seem to be working. The text file contains only about 6 characters of gibberish afterwards. Does anyone how to do this or if cannot be done for sure? Thanks.

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    James W. Guest

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    It cannot be done using FSO. The .doc is in a format readable only by MS Word. There are two basic options that I can think of:<BR>1) have the doc saved as txt (possibly rtf). You&#039;d lose the formatting.<BR>2) convert the .doc using VBA, which can be done via ASP or better, a custom made .dll. Downfall is the document has to be opened, which may allow macros to run. This also requires Word to be installed on the server

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