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    Hello,<BR>I am an ASP developer, and I mostly stick to VB script but with dot net what is the prime choice?<BR>Is it going to be Vb.net or C#?<BR>I know under CLR everything’s almost same but I’d be interested in one that can gain popularity.<BR>Your comments will help me for a smooth transition.<BR>Thanks,<BR>Jillu.<BR>

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    Personally I like C#, but I think that VB.NET will remain the most popular choice for ASP.NET developers in general. I think C# will be used a lot more than JScript ever was with classic ASP, but I still think the majority of ASP.NET programs will be done in VB.NET.<BR><BR>Honestly, though, as you pointed out, it really doesn&#039;t matter what language you use. It&#039;s merely a matter of syntax - no deals on performance or functionality of the language.<BR><BR>hth<BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Thanks Scott.<BR>Well it’s hard to believe if VB.net copes up with C# on performance.<BR>I don’t think entire set API’s would have been rewritten hence if VB can catch up with C#, Oh that’s better to be seen!<BR>Jillu.<BR>

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