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    Dreys Guest

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    Hello,<BR><BR> I read your good article on ASPtear for retrieving data from another page that uses ASP. But what if i wanted to retrieve data from another page that is just regular html. For instance, if i wanted to get a ranking list. How would i make it search through that and get all the names of the top 10 people (or something along those lines)?<BR>Thanks for the help,<BR> <BR> -Dreys<BR><BR>

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    James W. Guest

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    I think you&#039;re referring to the article here:<BR><BR><BR>you can retrieve any kind of web page,.asp or .html or anything else a webserver will serve you. In the article, you retrive the page to a variable called:strRetVal. You could treat that variable much like a text file and using various string functions or possibly regular expressions, find what you&#039;re looking for. You&#039;d have to know the layout of the page you&#039;re retrieving and be confident the layout wouldn&#039;t change. I won&#039;t kid you, it&#039;s going to take a *lot* of trial and error.<BR>good luck and if you run into a specific problem, the board will be able to help.<BR>

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    James W. Guest

    Default You could also try

    saving the retrieved HTML to a text file locally. Then use the FileSystem Object to read it line by line to find the info you&#039;re looking for. Might be easier than fumbling with the whole page at once.<BR>HTH

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