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    I am using "Software Artisans - SA-FileUp V3.1" to upload files from my website and I enter the filename into my database but I need to get rid of the path name to the file.<BR>This is what it looks like: c:Inetpub echspy
    aceplacesubaru.jpg<BR>This is how I need it to look:<BR>subaru.jpg<BR><BR>some how i need to delete the first part, I&#039;ve never done this before and need some direction.<BR>I tried the help file on their web site but came up with nothing.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>-Adrian

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    first let me say im sure this is a better way to do this but one quick way i can think to do it woudl be to start at the right side of the string and keep steping back till you find the "\" character. <BR><BR>the other way woudl be to split the string using "\" and take the last element in the array that split returns.<BR><BR>there are probebly better ways but if you not worried about speed or anything either of those ways will work.

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