I&#039m an ASP newbie. I&#039m trying to use my Active X DLL created using ATL; the DLL was successfully registered using regsvr32. I obtained the progid from the NT registry. My DLL depends on<BR>other non-COM DLLs. All my DLLs, including the ActiveX DLL, <BR>are installed on the web server. Here&#039s the code:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR> Dim myrr<BR> Set rr = Server.CreateObject("stc_xipmpclnt.IPMPClient")<BR >%&#062;<BR><BR>I browsed through tons of threads and found that many people<BR>have encountered this problem. I tried the following and still failed:<BR>1. Change IUSR_MACHINE user to admin privileges<BR>2. Install DLLs on web server<BR>3. Uncheck "Allow Anonymous Access" for the DLLs<BR><BR>Any other suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks a bunch for your help,<BR>Norbert