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    Newbie here with a question. I have a database of products (MS Access) I want to set up a page to do product comparisons using the data stored in the database. Is this difficult and could someone point me in the right direction. <BR><BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR><BR>Jason C.<BR><BR>

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    what is your definition of difficult? LOL<BR><BR>it should&#039;t be that hard. Just have a page with search criteria for the products, and then you would set up the SQL statements to search the table(s) based on the user input.<BR><BR>Then you would just display the results.<BR><BR>Just plan it out as best you can and dive into it. There&#039;s tons of resources on ASP.

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    Default What you need to do...

    is plan out exactly how you want your application to function, by doing a project flow. Then, post questions on specific areas that you are having trouble with, ie. connecting to the database, retrieving the records, displaying the output, etc. Your question is really to broad to help you unless you are more specific. Good luck!

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