Is Linux/Unix more stable with ASP?

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Thread: Is Linux/Unix more stable with ASP?

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    Default Is Linux/Unix more stable with ASP?

    I am still trying to figure out which way to host my site. If money was not a problem (even though it is), which would you suggest using, Linux/Unix or Windows 2000? I know I would have to buy the software to run the ASP on anything but Windows, but would it be more stable on Linux/Unix?

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    Ask yourself why such a large percentage of sites are hosted on linux/apache. Cost may be a factor but I think that stability is the key. I don't understand the technical reasons, but if you know how to do actives scripts with PHP or Perl or C++ then why would you even consider shelling out a fortune for Win2k/MSSql/BackOffice, which you would need, if you go with ASP. On the other hand ASP/VBScript is probably the easiest system to learn. However if you want to run ASP on linux, you will pay a small fortune for Chillisoft.

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