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    Default Country of origin

    Several sites (Microsoft, Altavista) automatically re-direct you to the &#039;local&#039; address; i.e. if, (from the UK) I enter &#039;;, I&#039;m automatically sent to &#039;;. I&#039;m not interested in the re-direction, what I would like to know, is how it knows what country I&#039;m viewing from & if it&#039;s not using ASP (which I doubt) is there an ASP equivalent? Using Request.ServerVariables("ALL_HTTP") delivers a lot of information, but I don&#039;t want to have to make a guess based on HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Jim.<B R>

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    Default Reverse DNS lookup?

    Can Reverse DNS lookup be what you are looking for?<BR><BR>I know that we use it to find out what country a user is <BR>in due to export control laws....<BR>So, I&#039;d imagine that would do the trick, eh?<BR><BR>Take a look at this sample<BR>

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    Default guess with IP address?


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