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    I am fairly new to ASP and need some advice on how or whether it is possible to create a form that from a drop down list will dynamically show a list of workstations available on an NT Domain.<BR><BR>I then would like to have another drop down dynamic list of available software on a network share and the amount of time in seconds delay to install it to that workstation.<BR><BR>When you have selected the software and the workstation - I then would like it to issue an at command to the schedule service. (In the same way that you would preform this task from a command promtp)<BR><BR>Eg. \serversharesoon \workstation 15 \servershareapplicationinstall.bat<BR><BR>Any advice would be grate appreciated.

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    Default Could be done...

    ...if you used a component to hook ASP to all that LAN information. It&#039;s certainly not available "naturally" in ASP.<BR><BR>If all the info is available via a command line interface, then you could use ASPExec (from to invoke the commands and return the results (as text strings) to ASP. You&#039;d parse them, display in the form you wanted, and convert user mouse clicks into other command line commands.<BR><BR>But if it&#039;s not available via command line interfaces, you&#039;ll have to write a component (in VB or Java or C++) to make the connections. <BR><BR>

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