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    Is the follow possible, this code doesn&#039;t work Can you use a WHERE statement in an INSERT INTO? <BR><BR>"INSERT INTO products (title,category,price,description) WHERE id=&#039;"&id&"&#039;"<BR><BR>Any help would be great!<BR>-susan

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    You can not use where in an insert clause, insert adds a new record to a database, therefore, there is nothing to compare it to. You can use where with an update clause if you want. Also, in your sql statement, you must specify values for all of the fields you want to insert. Like this:<BR><BR>insert into products(title, category, price, description) values(&#039;Susan&#039;, &#039;IsUpTooEarly&#039;, &#039;4.99&#039;, &#039;if she is in the U.S.)<BR><BR>hope that helps some

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